The Marignoli di Montecorona Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on January 5, 2012, and is a U.S. foundation conducting its operations from the Palazzo Marignoli in Spoleto, Italy. The Palazzo is a building of historical and artistic interest in itself. It contains a number of painted ceilings and walls, mostly by Mariano Piervittori, and in the ballroom displays his most lavish project, which has recently been published as his masterpiece. The Palazzo houses an extensive and continually renewed Library for the history of art before Modernism, containing many rare and unusual publications and a fundamental section on artistic monographic books. The Foundation will preserve, maintain, manage and enhance the Library and in the discretion of the Directors may acquire additional works of tangible personal property for use in the study of art history, and will undertake activities, either alone or in conjunction with other charitable and educational instituctions, to promote, enhance and disseminate studies and research primarily on Italian art and culture. It is an ambition of the Foundation not to limit its collaborations only to Italian institutions and, therefore, further contacts will be sought outside of Italy. The Foundation also plans to make the Library within the Palazzo available upon application to the Foundation Advisory Committee to scholars in the area of art history for such scholars’ own research projects. Although these plans are still in the beginning stages, it is anticipated that applications by scholars whose area of study is within the Foundation’s charitable purposes will be approved by the Advisory Committee. The Foundation also may make grants to scholars in the area of art history for research, study and similar purposes.

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