JAŠA for the Slovenian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennial

The Marignoli di Montecorona Foundation is extremely pleased to announce the support of “UTTER / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope”, a new project by JAŠA for the Slovenian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennial.

The project is conceived as a spatial installation and on-site performance that will bind the artist, his collaborators and the public together for the duration of the Biennale.

As the artist states, “It is my goal to use the Slovenian Pavilion as a platform to confront an international audience with the overall project experience as a living functional mechanism driven by the solidarity of all elements involved: installation, visual elements, lighting, projections, sound, and performance”.

For more information and to follow the project during the whole duration of Venice Biennale, visit the official website for the project:


Michele Drascek, Chief Curator of Projects of the Foundation, is the curator of the Slovenian Pavilion and will also participate in the performance

JAŠA, UTTER / notes 2, 2015

JAŠA, UTTER / notes 2, 2015, JAŠA, image courtesy of the artist

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